Where you can find indoor bumper cars in Singapore

By the Bay

Hokey Pokey @ Millenia Walk

The Brief
A big play zone about the size of 2 basketball court loaded with toys for both genders. There is a GB graded ( Great for Babies) slide along with a big ball pit. Toys from dolls , make believe suits , train set, castle set, numerous cooking stations , cars of different sizes and shapes along with quality toys from Fisher Price, Imaginarium and more can be found here.Check out our review at Hokey Pokey.

What’s Hot

  • Singapore biggest toy playground ( at least to us). A kids toys haven.
  • Toys suited for both genders, from doll houses to castles.
  • No big kids , so the little tots can roam about freely.
  • Safe slide and ball pit for the endless sliding pleasures.
  • Open concept floor plan allows the adults to have a clear view of the children.
  • Cafe counter at the side for adults to seat and work while envy us at play.

What’s Not

  • If you child is older than 6 , this would not be the place to be in.

Find them

9 Raffles Boulevard Millenia Walk

#02-42/42/44/45 (Next to Parco) Singapore 039956
Recommended for
Toy lovers. This place is paradise to them.

Polliwogs@ Robertson Quay

The Brief
Indoor playground comes to the quay. The location means residents from the central region get to enjoy their share of fun. Armed with slides , ball pits, shooting gallery, flying fox , tot’s zone and more. This place promises trills and spills at almost all corners. Full review here

What’s Hot

  • The 3 storey slides are a hit amongst kids.
  • 360 degree shooting gallery promises countless shooting practices.
  • Wall climbing area for kids.
  • Place for tots under 3 as well.
  • Cafe corner with free Wifi.

What’s Not

  • Watch the younger kids, they might get overran but the older ones.
  • Lack of minders in this playground. Should have at least one for some crowd control as it can get rowdy at times.

Find them
Polliwogs homepage
11 Unity Street#02-18/19 Robertson WalkSingapore 237995

Recommended for
Hyperactive kids who loves climbing and obstacle courses.

The City @ Liang Court

The Brief
Billed as Singapore first indoor learning playground, the City is not your typical indoor playground. Expect role playing in different locations such as the supermarket, the clinic, the superheros zone and lots more. Superheros outfits and princess gown are avaliable.Read the review here

What’s Hot

  • Great place to be a superhero. Dress up as Spiderman, Superman, Thor amongst others
  • Want to experience shopping in the supermarket? How about a Doctor? A realistic mock up is on site to allow kids a trial
  • Feels like a giant playroom

What’s Not

  • Play is not structured, thus learning is limited
  • No slides or climbing structures for the hyperactive kids
  • Limited toys option. Play is mostly dependant on the child’s imagination.
  • Not for younger kids below 2

Find Them
The City
#03-04A Liang Court, 177 River Valley roadSingapore 179030
Recommended for
The Superhero wannabe. Great place for a party for older kids.

Amazonia @ Great World City

The Brief
The first time we visited Amazonia, we were in awe of the jungle play gym. The sight of a 4 storey slide is utterly enticing. The climb up was a fun challenge and the way down was even more shiok. The toddler’s play area was relatively big and ‘enclose’ away from the main play area ensuring younger tots have their share of fun.

What’s Hot

  • The best and highest slide in an indoor playground. Think Big Splash for the older generations who are reading this.
  • Challenging vertical play structure.
  • Jungle theme playground that takes the theme seriously.
  • 3D Glow Golf and Space ball areas for kids and adults.

What’s Not

  • No Peak and off-peak price.
  • Entrance fees at $33 per child age 3-12 is too much for a normal family outing.
  • Other extras like Glow Golf and Space balls require additional fee.

Find them
Amazonia Webpage
Great World City mall, Level 3 Unit #03-08,1 Kim Seng Promenade, Singapore , 237994.
Recommended for
Special occasions due to the high fee. The birthday parties were a blast.

Central Park

Fidgets@ The Grandstand

The Brief
The ‘brand new’ old kid of the block. Fidgets have undergone a facelift and is now known as Fidget’s World. Now occupying almost the whole 3rd floor of the new Grandstand, it is refreshed with a new cafe , new toddler area, party rooms and impressive shoe racks.

What’s Hot

  • New look, flooring , new cafe , new toddler area, new activities. Same old great fun.
  • The 3 different climbing structures and a wicked slide
  • Space to run run run
  • Most bang for the bucks $19 unlimited play on weekends and $95 for a pass for 7 visits ( $13.57 per visit)

What’s Not

  • Slogan change from keeps them moving to keep them screaming. It’s real Loud in there.
  • Separate cafe area from the main play area means your child is out of sight during play time.

Find Them
Fidgets website
200 Turf Club Road#03-10 Singapore 287944

Recommended for
Value adventurers. For the facilities and the space, it’s a bargain.

Go Go Bambini

The Brief
Located in the swanky Dempsy area and next to Ben and Jerry’s It is one of the first indoor playground that had emerged in Singapore. This was the first place where the wackies were exposed to indoor play. Expect the usual slides, obstacles and balls pit. There is a smallish toddler’s area with a cafe on site.

What’s Hot

  • The 3 storey cage-like play structure
  • One of the steepest slide found in indoor playground
  • The swanky location

What’s Not

  • The location, you need to drive or to be driven in order to reach the premises.

Find Them
Go-Go Bambini Website
BLK 8 Dempsey Road, #01-15 Dempsey Hill, Singapore 247696

Recommended for
Ice cream lovers, after all it is a good excuse to visit Ben and Jerry next door.

Wild West

Playful Elves@West Coast Plaza

The Brief
Step into the magical forest located in the wild west of Singapore. There are the usual playpit, shooting gallery, slides. There is also a bouncy castle on site with a mini train set. It also houses Singapore first mini race track for future F1 racers in an indoor playground.We test drive it here

What’s Hot

  • Go zoom zoom round the mini racetrack.
  • Slides are much gentle so it is more suited for tots.
  • Who can resist the bouncy castle?
  • Cafe by the side to watch over the kids.
  • Minders in the playzone to watch over kids

What’s Not

  • The playground is a tad smaller , so older kids may find it limiting
  • Lack of play area for tiny tots under 2

Find them
Playful Elves homepage
154 West Coast Road, West Coast Plaza, #02-02/03/04 S (127371)

Recommended for
Race car racers age 2-8

East End

Polliwogs @ East Coast

The Brief
An indoor playground next to one of Singapore’s largest outdoor playground for adults, the East Coast Park. The usual fare of slides and shooting gallery is found on site. Toddler are also invited to play at their own specific area. In addition there is usually an outdoor bouncy slide on site.

What’s Hot

  • Indoor and Outdoor play in one location
  • Chillout area for adults indoor and outdoor, next to the beach.
  • Great location for a day out to East Coast Park

What’s Not

  • May need to drive as public transportation options are limited in East Coast Park

Find Them
Polliwogs East Coast Website
1020 East Coast Parkway#01-02 Singapore 449878

Recommended for
The Sun Kiss kid. After all a tan is guaranteed if you decide to play on the outdoor bouncy slides. Alternatively you could always head to the beach thereafter to work on it.

Explorer Kids@ Downtown East

The Brief
The largest indoor playground in Singapore. It has the only glowing ball pit in Singapore large enough to fit 10 children in it. Other facilities includes a mega play area, a toddler area and a rock climbing area known as the cliff. There is also a challenging rope course known as the adventure highlands.

What’s Hot

  • The glowing ball pit will entice most kids to jump in.
  • The Cliff is a unique rock climbing structure perfect for monkieschildren.
  • Large area for kids to roam about. No worries about lack of space here.

What’s Not

  • Located in the Far East at Pasir Ris meant losing 3/4 of the targeted audience.

Find Them
Explorer Kids Website
E! hub Downtown East 3rd Floor1 Pasir Ris Close, Singapore 519599

Recommended for
Runners – The space is huge!

Canopy@ Changi Airport

The Brief
An indoor playground at the airport? You bet! Canopy is a smallish set up in Changi Airport Terminal one. Comprising of a 2 level structure, it occupies no more than 1 basket ball size area. With a small slide and trampoline, it will keep kids entertain for a bit.

What’s Hot

  • A playground in the airport gives families more reasons to visit the airport.
  • It’s free if you spend $30 as a Changi Rewards Member
  • Only $6 per entrance. Cheapest indoor playground.

What’s Not

  • It’s a tad too small to spend hours in it. It’s more like dessert rather than the full course.
  • Limited Play Options

Find Them
Changi Airport Terminal 1Viewing Mall, Level 3

Recommended for
Frequent flier kids age 2 to 12 who want a legit reason to fly around at the airport
The list is by no means exhaustive, there are plentiful indoor playgrounds in Singapore that we had yet explored. Here is a special mention of those that we have yet to visit.

Kids Amaze
SAFRA indoor playgrounds located in Jurong and Toa Payoh. Literately the highest in Singapore.
Kallang Indoor Playground. Drop off allowed for kids above
Happy Willows
Indoor Playground located in Fusionpolis
Located at The Shoppes@ Marina Bay Sands. Classy shopping meets classy play.
The Petite Park
Nested at Changi City Point. Meant for kids under 7
The Playhouse@ RochesterHouse
Part of a colonial bungalow, this playhouse stands side by side with Seb’s Bristo. There is an outdoor sandpit and water play area located at the same premises. Meant for kids under 7
An international indoor playground in Singapore. Located at Changi Airport T3, Vivocity and United Square. Bumper cars are available at Vivocity.

Happy Playing! Bumper Car Supplier – Beston

Something About Bumper Car Tech

Dodgems, or bumper cars, are small, electric- powered vehicles often found at amusement parks and fairs. Each car runs on electricity, with a motor powering a main drive wheel. How the motor receives the electric current differs across two main dodgem varieties.

The first type, and the oldest, is a conductive arena floor and ceiling array. In this setup, a metal mesh is embedded in the ceiling above the arena that supplies a positive polarity, while a series of metal strips across the floor supply a negative polarity.

A pick-up rod at the rear of the car and a brush beneath it complete the circuit – allowing an electrical current to pass into and power the motor.

The second system works in a similar way, but removes the ceiling mesh from the equation, supplying both positive and negative polarity from below. This is achieved by installing metal strips across the floor and separating them with insulating spacers, while also equipping the bumper cars with multiple pick-up brushes.

In the past, the chassis was often made from hardwood, but today they tend to be built out of plastic composites. Each dodgem is surrounded by a rubber bumper that offers passengers some cushioning from impacts.

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A Talk On The Types Of Electric Bumper Cars

Through the years, the electric bumper cars happen to be a very popular amusement ride at carnivals, fairs and circuses. The cars that are protected by way of a large rubber ring, or perhaps a bumper on the lower level of the vehicle, are made to bump into one another without harming the individual driving the automobile.

electric bumper cars for sale

Typically, they can be powered from a connection to a ceiling that is electrified that is attached an extended rod with a connector at the conclusion with one end on the ceiling and one end linked to the car.

The ride will run for the certain period of time, say 5 or ten minutes where the drivers of your cars will drive willy-nilly towards one another and the fun begins. Laughter and fun is the result of the ride which can frequently have people waiting in line to adopt their turn on the bumper cars.

The very first bumper cars were the people developed in Great Britain and those were called Dodgem cars. Most authoritative sources give credit on the bumper car concept to some man named William Thurston, along with his company the Thurston Company has been a manufacturer in the cars for years, and also have been used in carnivals, fairs and other events for some time.

The cars travel along an open floor and will go forward or in reverse, and work on a metal floor by using a metal roof that is electrified. The cars have a metal pole that is certainly attached to the car and reaches towards the ceiling, and as it touches the ceiling, it receives the ability to work the automobile.

Today there are numerous variations of car styles, but they are still a very popular attraction with Disneyland having their very own varieties depending on Disney themes. People enjoy to have fun, and bumper cars are designed just for that purpose.

Other information of electric bumper cars: Electric Bumper Cars In Beston

Talk About The Fair Bumper Cars Prices

If you’re considering buying bumper cars, you may be wondering such a fair price for bumper cars is. The reality is that there is lots of variation when it comes to the pricing of bumper cars. You’ll must hang out identifying precisely what the right price to cover is.

First of all , will effect the prices are the particular bumper cars you intend on buying. There are specific types of bumper cars which are far less than the regular types. Buying cars this way will save you a ton of money.

You may also cut costs if you buy cars that happen to be used as opposed to new. Used cars are frequently deeply discounted, even though they’re in excellent condition. They could be a very smart option if you’re seeking to save a ton of money and are just buying cars for your very own use.

Another thing which will effect the pricing of bumper cars is brand. Brands will a strong reputation will most likely are more expensive than other brands. This really is both for old and new bumper cars. Many brands hold their value with time well, regardless of whether they’ve seen considerable use.

If you would like find what a decent bumper cars cost is, the ideal thing you can do is examine bumper cars on the market at several different sources. While you’ll see some variations in prices, you must also see some specific trends turn up. You’ll have a better notion of how much you’re gonna be expected to pay.

If you wish to obtain a good deal on bumper cars, start doing research right away. The greater number of you understand about cars, the easier it will be that you can save a ton of money.

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Why Choose Spin Zone Bumper Cars

Bumper cars have been around for some time, however they are becoming more uncommon currently, as it is challenging for small operators to setup a bumper car attraction. Traditional bumper cars depend upon an electrified floor to power the auto, and this may not be something which is not hard to arrange for, say, mobile fairground operators.


Spin Zone Bumper Cars are quicker to use, as they do not demand a special floor area. They may are powered by concrete, asphalt, wood, and even suitably thick ice. You are able to run them outdoors or indoors, plus they are an easy task to move from site to site.

This implies that you can get an incredible, eye-catching ride that one could put in place really quickly, in every environment.

The improvements that spin zone make on the bumper car concept don’t just stop at lacking a necessity for an electrified floor, either. Spin Zone also offers light and sound shows, along with a nicer car that may be more comfortable to stay in, safer for riders, and easier for young children to operate. The Spin Zone cars utilize a two-handle steering system instead of a traditional wheel, and once people have seen using it the first time they tend to get the hang of it in a short time. The cars have built in remotes so that the ride operators can stop and commence them easily, should the need arise.

As a result of Spin Zone, a whole new generation of youngsters and teenagers may have a chance to discover why bumper cars are so popular, while adults will be able to relive their childhood memories and take bumper cars for the spin. They can be a whole lot more fun than merely driving with a virtual race track.

How to choose bumper carshttp://bestonbumpercars.com/spin-zone-bumper-cars-for-sale/

Why Funfair Bumper Cars Work Most Effectively

Riding bumper cars can be a enjoyable experience, and the sort of bumper car that you are currently on may also make or break the knowledge itself. One of the better things about deciding on a great bumper car company is you know you will probably have a consistently good time, regardless of where these bumper cars are, and you will realize how to drive them a similar each and every time. Funfair bumper cars are definitely towards the top of this list in terms of this type of ride, one who a lot of people seek out when they search for a carnival. Here’s a little bit of insight as to why you ought to write these every single time.

Funfair Bumper Cars

An entertaining fair is only a place, by some other name a carnival, where one can ride a variety of different rides, examine sideshows, and also have a thrilling time with friends and family. You can usually get different kinds of food that are only accessible once per year, especially when dealing with a traveling carnival. Bumper cars are generally one of many attractions as a result of all of that they have in regards to excitement and novelty. You might be not going to have the same bumper car ride the very next time, always which makes them enjoyable for all inside your group.

How Bumper Cars Work

These devices are really simple. You will discover a pedal that lets you move the vehicle forward. They can be typically connected from a pole towards the ceiling, and you may drive around, turning the steering wheel, bumping into other individuals. This could be fun, however some people may abuse it by running into those they have no idea repeatedly, that for the most part it really is good fun. It will always be a smart idea to have a blast on the bumper cars that can come into your town using the next Carnival, a ride that may be always near the top of a carnival goers list.

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Choosing Which place to go for Kids Bumper Cars

If you’re trying to find a great activity for your kids on the rainy day, you need take a look at kids bumper cars. Bumper cars offers an enormous volume of entertainment, and indoor facilities allow you to make the most of them even if it’s rainy outside.

kiddie bumper cars for sale

You may well be concerned that bumper cars are a thing that not every one of your children can enjoy. However, bumper cars typically be enjoyed by children of every age group. In lots of cars, they are often enjoyed by adults as well.

When you don’t would like to ride bumper cars yourself, you don’t need to be concerned. It is simple to just watch from the sidelines. The facilities which may have indoor bumper cars also tend to have alternate activities in addition to food and drink available, so everyone can have something they are capable of doing while you’re there.

Bumper cars tend to be incredibly affordable, and they provides hours of entertainment. The truth is, many of the facilities who have bumper cars can simply keep you busy for an day. Make certain you check out what’s available in your town.

If you’re unclear where you may check out enjoy bumper cars, you can get facilities to go to online. Try reading reviews of which before going so you are aware the best places to visit and what places you should try to avoid. Bumper cars have become increasingly popular, so there’s a good chance you’ll have several options available to you.

You will have a large amount of fun by taking advantage of kids bumper cars. Be sure to take a good look at what’s on the market, and don’t lose out on any great opportunities. Your family members should be able to make plenty of positive memories at places such as this.

Seek for some fun for your children: http://bestonbumpercars.com/kiddie-bumper-cars-for-sale/ and http://bestonbumpercars.com/

Will It Be a wise Idea to acquire Bumper Cars?

If your family spends lots of time enjoying bumper cars, you may have considered seeking to find them all on your own. While this is often an excellent option, this certainly isn’t the best choice for anyone. Spend some time to see if it is the best choice to suit your needs.

The first thing for you to do is ensure that you’ll easily be able to utilize your bumper cars. Do you possess land all by yourself property you can use them on? Do you have regular use of a facility that you could enjoy them on?

After the time, there’s no point in owning bumper cars unless you’ll be able to enjoy them. You’ll want to go on a pass on enjoying them when you can’t figure out where you’ll have the ability to make use of them. However, if you absolutely have space to them, they could be a great buy.

You’ll should also discover how affordable they are and whether or not they go with your financial allowance. A lot of people are surprised once they discover how inexpensive bumper cars may be. The reason being most cars are generally fairly budget friendly.

A brilliant move to make is defined an affordable budget before you ever search. Figure out the amount of you’d be inclined to invest on these cars. After that, decide whether they’re something you actually desire to purchase for yourself and your loved ones.

Some people may benefit tremendously from owning bumper cars. Other folks gain enjoyment out of bumper cars, but don’t should own their own. Pick which course of action suits you before going ahead and make up a final purchase. You would like to buy something which includes everything that you desire.

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Indoor Bumper Cars For Family

Bumper cars are frequently thought of as something for children, but they may be fun for the whole family. Riding bumper cars together is definitely an entertaining activity you can get a great deal of enjoyment from. But where in the event you go once you get the need to ride bumper cars?

indoor bumper cars for sale

The very first thing you should do is speak to other families. Find out if they ever ride bumper cars. Should they do, learn where they go to accomplish it. They can probably earn some very helpful recommendations for your needs. Create a note of anything they are saying, whether it’s positive or negative.

Afterward, what you ought to do is look up several of your options all by yourself. These days, lots of people make time to review facilities such as this online. You can find lots of useful information when you take the time to read their reviews.

You’ll then would like to gather up some additional information. By way of example, you’ll want to make certain that you are taking a detailed consider the prices of the bumper cars facility you might like to visit. See who offers the best bargain overall.

You’ll also want to consider just how far the facility is, whether or not they have extra features, and be sure that they’re a safe and secure place. Opt for the facility you are feeling best about gonna, and just go and have a good time. You could make bumper cars one of the family’s regular traditions.

As you can tell, indoor bumper cars may be a lot of fun. Take the time to look for a facility that the family will love using. You’ll be glad that you just did. You desire to make sure that you have a great time from beginning to end.

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Thrilling Experiences Of Mini Bumper Cars

There is certainly something about amusement parks that draw out the kid in all of us, yet it is especially fun watching your kids continue on all of the rides. Among the best rides that young children appear to love are definitely the mini bumper cars. These fun vehicles are safe and give a whole lot joy in your child and everybody else who participates.

Adults enjoy to get their kids around the bumper cars as it is a lot fun to crash into others in the safe way. The bumper cars are a great way to take out some friendly aggression with a friend or foe, but in a kind way. Nobody can there be to hurt anyone, just simple fun inside a joyous environment.

Children love having kids birthday parties at amusement parks because they be able to get involved in some of their favorite activities. Thankfully these parks today design many of their rides for small children, so not only older kids can take advantage of themselves. In past times it always seemed like you would have to be a particular height n order to go on lots of the rides, but that is untrue today.

Now children can experience the thrill of bumper cars by permitting in the mini version. These are perfectly safe and provide a lot of fun for your young child. Kids like it once you smash into other cars, but of course these mini bumper cars are created to not go too fast and have plenty of cushions on the exterior to present maximum protection.

Parents must not need to worry about taking their small children about the mini bumper cars as they are made to accommodate your youngsters. Assured that safety is the main concern whatsoever amusement parks. Just relax enjoy the ride and enjoy the smile on your own child’s face.

More pics of mini bumper cars can be seen at: http://bestonbumpercars.com/mini-bumper-cars-for-sale/ and http://bestonbumpercars.com/